Owl's Nest Farms

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A Training Facility for Show Horses

Welcome to Owl's Nest Farms 

We offer Boarding, Training, Leasing, Coaching, Trailering, and Lessons on Lesson Horses/Pony in a Fun and Comfortable Environment.

We prepare horses/ponies and riders (adults/kids) to compete in Dressage, Three Phase Eventing and Jumpers.  Three Phase Eventing (a.k.a. Horse Trials) includes the following three phases: Dressage, Cross Country and Stadium.  Each horse/rider partnership has a personalized training program based on their goals.  Our trainers are ready to take each horse/rider to their next level.  We are a competitive show barn that has fun in a friendly and comfortable environment.  Our horses and riders are competitive as well as happy. 

Our farm is 80 acres and set up as a training facility for horses and riders.  Both horses and riders are athletes and have to work as a team to prepare for competitions.  

* We have a large 80' x 200' indoor arena that is heated in the winter and has air conditioning in the summer so we ride horses year round while practicing Dressage and Jumping skills.  

* The sand trail is almost 1.5 miles long and is used to condition our Three Phase Eventing horses and riders.  We also use our trail to go on relaxing trail rides to ease horses' and riders' minds and enjoy beautiful sunsets.  There is always time to breathe and enjoy the scenery. 

* An x-large 100' x 300' outdoor arena is used to practice jumping courses and combinations of fences  and school Dressage tests.  

* The beautiful cross country field offers multiple sizes and types of solid jumps to practice over on rolling hills and around large oak trees before competitions. 

* We offer lessons on lesson horses and lease options so people can find out if they are truly interested in owning a horse(s) themselves without actually having to buy a horse.  People need to know if their hearts are really into owning a horse since they are a big, yet rewarding, responsibility.


Our Trainers: Michelle Stephan and Alison Sader Larson


Contact Michelle at 612-382-4191 or owlsnestfarms@yahoo.com for more information.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

~Winston Churchill